What are some of Tim’s accomplishments at Arizona DES?

  • The DES Colleague Survey Score skyrocketed 300%, and led all large state agencies by 2x to 2.5x.
  • DES tripled the number of colleague donors to 1,165 to the 2015 State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) to benefit an array of state-designated charities, and led all state agencies.
  • DES doubled the amount of charitable donations from DES employees to $178,000 in 2015 leading all other State agencies despite the fact thousands of DES employees had never received raises.
  • Jeffries visited all 140 DES sites in Arizona, and all 24 state-owned group homes (164 different sites).
  • Jeffries hosted over 500 colleague meetings, roundtables and town halls over just 633 days.
  • Jeffries engaged over 400 community partners and non-profit organizations throughout Arizona.
  • Jeffries held 1:1 meetings with 59 of 60 members of the Arizona House of Representatives.
    • Jeffries remains in contact with Republicans and Democrats in the House.
  • Jeffries held 1:1 meetings with 30 of 30 members of the Arizona State Senate.
    • Jeffries remains in contact with Republicans and Democrats in the Senate.
  • Jeffries engaged senior tribal leadership with every one of the 22 Tribal Nations in Arizona.
    • Jeffries was the first DES Director to visit the Navajo Nation capitol in Window Rock.
  • Jeffries transparently and publicly ramped up security at the 16 largest DES offices housing over 70% of DES workers in prudent response to the San Bernardino Massacre at a California social services center for special citizens with developmental and intellectual disabilities.
    • The Arizona Capitol Times published regarding this urgent build up titled “DES doubles security budget, adds armed guards” published on April 29, 2016.
    • Jeffries regularly discussed the security build up with DES workers and community partners.
    • Jeffries specifically briefed Governor Ducey and his COO Henry Darwin on July 13, 2016.
    • The Governor’s Press Secretary, Daniel Scarpinato, has consistently and publicly lied when he states Governor Ducey had “no knowledge” of the DES security build up.
  • Jeffries orchestrated the opening of several new DES multi-service centers and DES mobile outreach units throughout state to improve environments for state workers and engagement with clients.
  • Jeffries directed DES service centers to stagger their operating hours to better serve clients and DES workers, particularly single mothers and single fathers employed in DES service centers.
  • Jeffries banned DES employees from yelling client names in DES service centers to facilitate respect and dignity for the approximately 1.6 million Arizonans that DES serves.
  • Jeffries launched and led the “DES Colleague Freedom Initiative” and successfully slashed:
    • Archaic DES policies by 51%
    • Cumbersome DES procedures by 49%
    • Outdated DES forms by 31%
  • Jeffries revamped DES Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, Priorities, Measurements and Outreach.
  • Jeffries transformed and changed over 90% of the DES Executive Leadership Team (ELT).
  • Jeffries and his team upgraded 6.2% of the DES workforce via various personnel moves and transitions.
  • Jeffries directed the revamped DES Office of Inspector General (OIG) to vigorously partner with relevant law enforcement agencies to arrest 7 former DES employees for various offenses.
  • Per Governor Ducey’s direction, Jeffries reduced the DES workforce by 2%, built a plan to reduce DES workforce by another 3% in 2016, and potentially an additional 3% to 5% by the end of CY 2017.
  • During Jeffries’ directorship, DES was consistently ranked #1 in America for establishing paternity for children from broken families in Arizona.
  • During Jeffries’ directorship, DES was consistently ranked #1 in America for in-home care of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.
  • During Jeffries’ directorship and his specific leadership, DES reduced case backlog in Adult Protective Services (APS) cases by over 60% via a highly successful optimization initiative designed to position APS caseworkers to better engage, serve and protect clients at risk of abuse and neglect.
  • Jeffries directed the revamped DES Office of Inspector General (OIG) to vigorously partner with relevant law enforcement agencies to make 14 arrests for fraud and other offenses.
  • Jeffries authorized and issued the first-ever and second-ever performance merit payments to DES employees in 2015 and 2016, and promised a third one in 2017 that was rescinded by the Governor Ducey’s Administration despite the merit payments being paid to Ducey’s favored lieutenants.
  • Jeffries partnered with his revamped executive team to optimize the agency and free up suitable funds to provide long overdue and much needed salary increases to well over 3,000 employees.
  • During Jeffries’ directorship and his specific leadership, DES created programs to provide tuition reimbursement for employees and bonus stipends for bilingual service to Arizona clients.
  • During Jeffries’ directorship and his specific leadership, “Project Quantum Leap” was launched to retire over 100 legacy IT systems in 24 months with a nation-leading unified SaleForce platform to revolutionize DES and ultimately social services throughout America.
    • The unparalleled in the nation effort was projected to save taxpayers over $100 million a year due to significant efficiency gains, workforce restructuring and related benefits.
  • During Jeffries’ tenure, the custom-built yet still incomplete AHCCCS medical eligibility system (“HEA Plus”) that DES service center personnel utilize for applicants for government sponsored healthcare was thoroughly assessed and deemed unsustainable due to faulty software code and the absence of any documentation on the coding. In addition, Jeffries informed Governor Ducey on July 13, 2016 that the project was well over budget by $100 million. This figure will soon surpass $200 million.
  • During Jeffries’ tenure, a significant provider for services to the Arizona DES Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) was being investigated for fraudulent billing. The DES investigation was terminated within month of Jeffries’ ouster.
  • As a result of Jeffries’ direction and leadership, the revamped DES Office of Inspector General (OIG) successfully investigated a member of the Arizona House of Representatives for food stamp fraud. The now-former member of the Arizona House of Representatives was charged with three felony counts by the State Grand Jury. Unfortunately, the Arizona Attorney General allowed the corrupt elected official to cut a misdemeanor plea deal that involved zero jail time.
  • During Jeffries’ tenure and his specific direction, the revamped DES Office of Inspector General (OIG) launched a thorough investigation of another member of the Arizona House of Representatives that would have resulted in felony theft charges if the Governor’s Administration had not tipped the corrupt public official.

What else should I know about Tim’s tenure at DES?

Arizona DES Employee Terminations and Annual Merit Payments:

  • Jeffries reduced the size of the DES workforce by 2% (approx. 7,700 to 7,500) in line with the Governor Ducey’s initiative to reduce the overall size of government.
  • 475 employees were exited at DES in line with Governor Ducey’s third expectation in his “8 Leadership Traits” memo to “weed out” the worst 10%.
  • The overall demographics of the 475 DES employees exited were in line with the overall demographic percentages of DES.
  • Per 2012 Personnel Reform, no reason was required for the release of an AT WILL employee yet legitimate reasons were still necessary for terminations.
  • Every exited employee was legally terminated. More specifically, the 8 former employees showcased as victims in the Arizona Republic were legally terminated.
  • Every terminated employee possessed the legal option to file suit for wrongful termination. More specifically, none of the former 8 employees showcased by the Arizona Republic filed suit.
  • Only one former AT WILL employee at DES filed a legal claim, and the suit was ultimately withdrawn.
  • Every COVERED employee who was exited had the individual option and legal right to file a grievance with the State Personnel Board.
  • Only two former COVERED employees filed a termination grievance with the State Personnel Board, and the two DES actions were sustained.
  • Only 27 of the 40 legally terminated 475 employees who were offered their jobs back Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) returned to work at DES and not one of them was from the 8 former employees that the Arizona Republic showcased as victims.
  • Approximately 1,400 formerly “covered” employees continue to work at DES, and are eligible for annual merit payments. Approximately 300 DES employees are still “covered” and they are not eligible for annual merit payments due to Personnel Reform during the Brewer Administration.
  • DES Merit Payments and the receipt of a merit payment during any given year was never a guarantee of future employment nor should ever be construed as such.
  • DES Merit Payments were distributed based on merit review scores for the 12 months past, and were not and will never be related to future performance and actions.
  • For example, during Jeffries’ directorship one of the former DES employees arrested for SNAP fraud had received one or two merit payments, but the employee was still rightfully arrested and terminated.
  • There is not a claw-back provision for merit payments, and ADOA has no plans to institute one.

What’s about the “Do Not Hire List” and mass DES firings?

  • Jeffries did not create and maintain a “Do Not Hire List” or an “Enemies List.”
  • Jeffries did not direct nor authorize DES HR to create and maintain a “Do Not Hire List” or an “Enemies List.”
  • ADOA created and maintained a “No Hire List” and called it “Disqualified for Rehire.”
  • The HR terminology of “regrettable and non-regrettable” exits was created by Governor’s Ducety’s former Chief Operation Officer (COO) Henry Darwin several years ago when Darwin led the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).
  • The “regrettable and non-regrettable” terminology was also the brainchild of Elizabeth Thorsen, the former head of HR at ADEQ who became the State HR Chief when Darwin became State COO.
  • The decision to track “regrettable and non-regrettable” exits at every agency came directly from the Governor’s Office as a part of standardization of select metrics on agency scorecards.
  • Darwin, Thorsen and Jeffries agreed to change the DES HR Chief the week before the Governor’s office issued the statement the following week that Jeffries could no longer terminate any employee.
  • Every HR leader (Chief Human Resources Officer) at every state agency is an ADOA employee which means every termination was and remains an action approved by ADOA not solely the agency.

What’s with the rumors about Tim’s trips to Nogales?

  • Jeffries was the first DES Director since DES’ founding in 1973 to ever visit the Nogales office.
  • Jeffries leveraged the Arizona DES travel agreement with the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) to fly to Nogales twice due to Jeffries self-imposed 12 to 14 hours a day schedule.
  • Absolutely no DES staff, namely Leah Landrum-Taylor, were every “ordered” to travel with Jeffries nor should have felt compelled to attend Jeffries’ second trip to Nogales.
  • Former Senate Minority Leader Leah Landrum-Taylor lied to the Governor’s Chief of Staff Kirk Adams and to Craig Harris at the Arizona Republic about the specifics and circumstances of the Nogales trip.
  • Upon arriving in Nogales after lunch, Jeffries spent a few hours in the Nogales DES office in various scheduled and unscheduled meetings.
  • During the Nogales visit Jeffries greeted some clients, toured the office again and greeted every colleague in their respective cube. He also invested a long, scheduled block of time with Nogales supervisors and management in a round-table format.
  • DES Nogales employees worked an honorable day and every DES client was served.
  • Jeffries still stands by his decision to honor his promise to hold a post-work reception for them at a legendary local restaurant the DES workers were excited to show the former director.
  • No formal nor informal investigation was ever conducted regarding Jeffries’ second visit to Nogales as punctuated by the facts that Jeffries was never interviewed, the DES Nogales workers were never interviewed, and photographic evidence exists that shows the Landrum-Taylor lied about the Nogales timeline and the Arizona Republic’s reporting was false.

What’s with all the fuss about State planes?

  • Contrary to numerous press reports primarily in the Arizona Republic, the Governor and his Office do NOT own nor will ever own a State plane.
  • The Department of Public Safety (DPS) owns three turbo prop planes for the use of the Arizona State Government including government agencies.
  • The original inter-agency agreement for Arizona DES to access DPS air assets was signed and utilized by Jeffries’ predecessor during the Brewer Administration.
  • Jeffries utilized a DPS plane 19 to 20 times in plain sight of tens of thousands Arizona citizens to visit all 164 DES sites and host well over 500 colleague meetings in the 6th largest State in the country.
  • Based on the number of flights and colleague meetings during Jeffries directorship, the average cost per engagement was only $300 to $400.
  • Other state agencies have agreements with DPS to utilize air assets, and other agency directors continue to use the State planes.
  • Jeffries remains the first and only DES Director to visit every DES site spread throughout Arizona including 22 tribal nations.
  • Jeffries remains the first and only DES Director to visit Nogales much to the great delight of the 40 public servants working there.

What’s behind the “manufactured crisis” that Tim has mentioned?

  • Kirk Adams, the Governor’s Chief of Staff, informed Governor Ducey in October 2016 that the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) would be investigated by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for financial malfeasance and because of this Director Jeffries should resign on October 21, 2016. Jeffries refused to resign, and Arizona DES was NEVER investigated by the Arizona AG nor the FBI.
  • If Jeffries had resigned in October 2016 as Adams had maliciously plotted and ardently desired, Adams with COO Darwin’s and Governor Ducey’s support would have placed his close friend former Senate Minority Leader Leah Landrum-Taylor in the DES directorship. It was Landrum-Taylor that conspired with Adams to eliminate Jeffries and destroy his public reputation.
  • Jeffries was finally compelled to resign the day before Thanksgiving on November 23, 2016 over 30 days after the Governor’s Administration maliciously conspired to force Jeffries’ resignation.
  • The DES “guns and ammo” off-the-mark sensationalist reporting and related lies did not appear in the Arizona Republic and other press outlets until a full week after Jeffries and key members of his executive team were terminate with no option to resign. As referenced in the Arizona Republic, the “guns and ammo” tip came directly from the Governor’s Office, more than likely from Kirk Adams designed to definitively destroy Jeffries and limit blowback regarding Jeffries’ ouster.
  • Furthermore, the DES “guns and ammo” sensationalism and lies as punctuated by the deployment of the Department of Public Safety (DPS) SWAT Team to Arizona DES the day of Jeffries and his team’s ouster was nothing more than a maliciously manufactured crisis, so Adams could cover his slanderous tracks regarding about imminent AG and FBI financial investigations at DES.
  • Jeffries has corresponded and spoken with approx. 30% of the Arizona House and Senate, Republicans and Democrats. Per Jeffries, all of them understand Jeffries suffered a maliciously manufactured crisis; they do not trust the Governor’s Administration; some of them desire investigations of various matters to shed light on the fraud, waste and abuse the Governor’s Administration is covering up due to the Governor’s reelection efforts and presidential aspirations.
  • Within four months of Jeffries’ departure, DES employee participation in the annual employee (“morale”) survey dropped approximately 30% and employee morale dropped approx. 20%.
  • DES employee turnover has increased across the board at DES due to the return of bullies, zero merit payments, plummeting morale and limited hope that DES will be fixed again.
  • Approximately 2,000 of DES’ 8,000 employees and contractors have directly contacted Jeffries since his ouster, and over 1,000 of them have implored him to run for Governor.
  • Jeffries regularly meets and dines with hundreds of DES employees in Maricopa County, and has standing invitations to do so in every county in Arizona.

Is Tim still suing the State of Arizona for libel and malice?

YES, he is! By way of Jeffries’ personal attorney, former Arizona Attorney General Thomas Horne, Jeffries has stated publicly that he possesses and will invest the required financial resources to take his legal suit (now, his joint suit with Charles Loftus) all the way to trial because “State government power should NEVER be exerted to maliciously libel a decent man’s reputation, honor and means to make a living.”

As previously reported in the Arizona Daily Independent, the joint lawsuit reads in part:

False Statements as to plaintiff Jeffries (former Director of DES): 

  • The report stated that Jeffries carried a gun on state property. That was false.
  • The report stated the Jeffries wanted to arm every DES employee. That was false.
  • The report stated the Jeffries wanted to create his own police force and control it. That was false.
  • The report stated that Jeffries was involved in ammunition planning procurement and storage. That was false.
  • The report stated that Jeffries regularly took ammunition from the DES inventory. That was false.
  • The report stated that Jeffries went to a gun range on a weekly basis. That was false.
  • The report stated the Jeffries would leave work early to go to a gun range. That was false.
  • The report stated Jeffries openly proclaimed to be going to the shooting range to shoot DES inventory. That was false.

False Statements as to plaintiff Loftus (former Director of DES Protective Services): 

  • The Report falsely states that the amount of ammunition purchased under his supervision was excessive.
  • The Report falsely states that the ammunition was not secured.
  • The Report falsely states that the records concerning access to and usage of the ammunition did not exist.
  • The Report placed him in a false light by reporting that: “it was stated…Charlie Loftus utilized DES ammunition for personal use at a private shooting range…”
  • The Report falsely states that 4,050 rounds of ammunition are “missing from the DES inventory.
  • The Report placed him in a false light by reporting that ammunition was purchased from a non-authorized vendor.
  • The Report falsely states that ammunition was purchased in violation of the Arizona Procurement Code.
  • The Report falsely states that he purchased ammunition for personal use for which he was reimbursed by the State.
  • The Report falsely states that he issued State firearms to unauthorized employees such as Tim Jeffries and Clark Collier.
  • The Report falsely states that he purchased Beretta pistols for unauthorized employees.
  • The Report falsely states that employees failed to adhere to and follow State policies.
  • The Report falsely states that proper training records were not kept.
  • The Report falsely states that no training outlines were kept.
  • The Report falsely states that he went to a gun range weekly with Tim Jeffries.
  • The Report falsely states that he told Luebkin that Tim Jeffries wanted to start his own police force.
  • The Report falsely states that DES OIG and Security Services personnel did not receive adequate training.
  • The Report falsely states that improvements were made after he was fired, which improvements were made by him before being fired.
  • The Report falsely states that before he was fired the Security Services training program, firearms program and ammunition management program were rife with disorganization and inefficiency.
  • The Report falsely states that training records and accounting of ammunition disbursements and ammunition security were absent and non-existent.

The joint lawsuit concludes: “As evidence of defendants’ malice, other libelous statements were made at or shortly after the time of the termination, which are not part of this cause of action, but which are evidence of malice by the relevant state employees and agents. As an example, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the state gave to newspapers a statement that about 50 guns and 80,000 rounds of ammunition were seized at the D.E.S. on the day plaintiffs were “ousted.” In fact, on Tuesday, November 29, D.P.S. staff stated clearly that the ammunition was “normal (and) on the light side.”

As expected, the Governor’s Administration ignored Jeffries’ and Loftus’ Notice of Claims during the legally-required 60-day settlement opportunity periods. Consequently, Jeffries and Loftus worked with their respective attorneys to file legal suits against the State of Arizona. During this period, Jeffries and Loftus decided to partner together once again to fight fraud, waste and corruption by joining their legal suits. Upon filing their joint suit, the State of Arizona had 20 days to respond. Ultimately, the legal response from the Attorney General’s Office on behalf of Governor Ducey and his Administration was that Jeffries and Loftus’ suit should be summarily dismissed. Jeffries and Loftus’ attorneys will soon file their legal response. Jeffries and Loftus and their attorneys will not stand for Governor Ducey and his political acolytes once again trying to sweep their self-inflicted problems rooted in unethical behavior, malicious intent, political expediency, lust for power and sheer idiocy under the Arizona rug.